Jeff has held diverse roles covering multiple aspects of design. He has worked in-house building brands and crafting experiences for YouTube, Apple and the lifestyle brand Anthropologie. As a designer within the user experience group at Google he created web and digital products. His career started in the agency VSA Partners where he delivered branding, identity and marketing solutions for clients across a broad range of industries. He currently resides in San Francisco and spends his time skateboarding through the city, or surfing in the Pacific Ocean.



Art Director, Youtube
Art Director, Apple
UX/UI Designer, Google
Interactive Designer, Anthropologie
Designer, VSA Partners 




Selected Clients

Google, Apple, Youtube, Anthropologie, Harley-Davidson, Isaac Mizrahi, Gucci, Johnson & Johnson, Sappi Fine Paper, The Art Institute of Chicago, Archer Daniels Midland, Avery Dennsion, Bottega Veneta and Sophomore NYC